22 June 2013


This tile panel in the courtyard of the Church of San Francisco, Cordoba, painted in the Benacazón workshop of Joaquín Soriano, exemplifies the emotive and realistic style of modern devotional azulejos. The tradition of azulejos thrives on commissions from churches, shops and cafés, but rather more restrained than the San Francisco Christ is this monochrome decoration in the Robles Laredo café (below) near Seville Cathedral, recently done but executed in traditional style.

Many of the azulejos are from Triana, which has been a major ceramics centre for centuries, and much of Triana's output is religious, but there is a profane tile panel in Seville unlike everything else you will see, this picture of Groucho Marx (below) done for the Sopa de Ganso café in Seville. "Sopa de Ganso" is "Duck Soup".