1 May 2017


The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest have added an interesting touch to their current exhibition about Marcel Breuer and his colleagues: they have reproduced their business cards. Breuer’s comes from his time in London, although he spent much of his life in the United States. You would never guess from the conventional copperplate that he was a modernist designer.

The other designers are Lajos Kozma, Gyula Kaesz, Farkas Molnár, József Fischer, Virgil Bierbauer, Zsusza Kovács  and László Wágner. The cards also advertise the museum on the back.

It was nice to take away these souvenirs. There was a leaflet but no catalogue. Hungarian art galleries do not have our partiality for big, expensive catalogues. The corollary is that they do not mind you taking photos, of which copyright-crazy museums in the UK have such a phobia. In Edinburgh a few years ago an officious gallery guard stopped me from drawing, and then he stopped me from taking notes as well, at which point I complained to the gallery management.
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