14 March 2014


I took these pictures of wall art by Loretto in south London.  They're from a small area: New Cross, Peckham and Nunhead. It's not surprising that someone should copy Banksy - it's suprising that there should be so few people copying him.

If not for the signatures, you might think for a moment these were by Banksy, but, once you know they're not, you see, at least in two of the pictures, a less sardonic wit.  The friendly policeman, happy in his destiny, is so not Banksy, and the hurrying commuter, about to be struck by Cupid, is also too nice for him.  But the chilling "My Plan B" shows that Loretto has a darker side.

South London is not my manor and I've probably missed some of Loretto's work.  For someone so talented, it's surprising there is so little information about this artist.  More, please.
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