13 December 2017


Lyn Tillinghast

Today was the last day of the London Potters' annual exhibition at Morley College. It was the first time I exhibited with them, as I joined only a few months ago. The exhibits were of a high standard, especially considering that many of the entrants are not full-time potters.

Here are some of my favorites. I was stewarding today, which gave me a chance to take these pictures, but every time I walked round I saw something else I liked which had escaped my notice before. Several, though not all, of the entries shown here were commended by the judges. I also received a judges' commendation for the espresso cups I entered.

Lyndy Barletta

Buddy Hobbs

Simon Olley

Tushar Dawson

Carolyn Tripp

Jo Pethybridge

Ali Tomlin. Awarded Best in Show

My entry, three espresso cups

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